For 18 years in the field of electronic development, esys has been interested in the needs of industry, science and the military.

Typically, esys works on subjects which range from theoretical research with a scientific approach to realization according to specific requirements (mission statements).

esys is specialized in electronic system design and electronic test bench development. Discover all examples of electronic development made by esys.

Our added value
  • > We are good listeners, we understand and we anticipate your needs.
  • > We innovate and we invest in new solutions.
  • > We keep you updated on your projects' progress.
  • > We guarantee, a quick and effective follow up service.
Why our clients trust us ?

Our experience and know-how show multi-disciplinary competences (electronic, software, physical measures, servo-control…)

Our flexibility and willingness guarantee reactivity at all steps of a project, and of course after delivery.

We give particular care to traceability as much for the project’s management as for the external communications; both are very important (key issues) to us.