Our services


Test bench design

We entirely realise systems for: production controls, endurance tests, characterisation of various products. They range from the electronic components to the machine part with more or less complexity.

Our offer covers the IT, the electronic, the electric and the mechanic aspects, whether it is workbench ergonomics up to the software definition (HMI, generated data…), passing by the development of specific electronic interfaces (« intelligent modules »). Nonetheless, some projects requiring special skills that are not our own, lead us to work in partnership with companies of proven experience.

Obviously, the systems developed are in line with the applied directives and standards (for example: EN60204, EN61000, EN60529, C15-100…).


Electronic test benches


Research and manufacture of electronic products

The definition given by a product specification, or by talks, enables to initiate the study phase, to which the execution of a prototype will follow. Some significant points:


  • Development of analog circuits
  • Development of « high current » and « high voltage » circuits
  • Development of digital circuits and programmable structures
  • Mechatronic solutions
  • GRP design
  • Consideration of EMI and EMC aspects 
  • Conformity with the applicable directives (RoHS…)


We manage all the industrialisation phase while integrating normative tests and other particular ones (for example: endurance test). After the industrialisation, we assure the production of small and medium series. The implementation of test means is also done by our company.

Examples of electronic products manufactured by Esys


Development of advanced and embedded software

Development of software applications for all forms of needs:


  • Management of hardware piloted by IO driving or digital link (RS232, USB…)
  • Measurements processing, servo-control…
  • Image processing
  • Graphical display, interactive HMI
  • Data transfer and storage
  • Process control
  • Remote control (online)
  • ...


The preferential programming languages used for our advanced software are: 


  • Delphi (V4, 2007…)
  • LabView, LabWindows


For the embedded software, the microcontrollers (family) which represent a real experience are:


  • Cœur 51 family (Intel, Atmel, …)
  • Microchip PIC family

Example of an advanced and embedded software developed by Esys


Research and development

In this area of work, we are aiming for a research approach to develop a principle, a process, which can allow an available answer to whatsoever issue that can’t be solved with a standard solution. The launch of the project is initiated by the customer and acts as an objective. In the first instance, a feasibility research is done in order to obtain information that will allow us, according to the results, to inform the customer about the takeover of the project or not. We commercially assume this first phase of investigation, even if it requires the development of specific means of study (software, hardware…). At this stage, if the objective turns out to be feasible, we ask a formal commitment to the customer in order to pursue his approach, whether the results of a demonstration are positives.


At the end of our theoretical investment, we suggest the conception of a system which will operationalized the imagined principle.


In our « Research » section, you can take notice of a certain number of topics we covered as well as our motivation regarding this kind of work.


CAD, manufacture, methods and Quality

The different phases of our work are intimately linked to our “Quality” objectives. Indeed, our company is based on key elements that take into account specific concepts such as:


  • Traceability of the information in all phases of the project
  • Communication and reactivity
  • Approval of the study definition (before carrying out)
  • In-house validation according to the « validation plan »
  • Factory validation by the customer
  • Provisional validation after delivery 
  • Definitive validation in nominal functioning, by the customer
  • Follow-up after delivery

Analysis, valuation and assistance (after-sales service)

By leveraging our skill, acquired through the experiences we have encountered, we always intend to find a solution to critical situations which give rise to a problematic state or, more simply, to interrogations. The areas concerned are mainly related to electronic, computing and electric values, but we are not limited by these areas.


Within the framework of our after-sales service concerning our achieved equipment, we propose two different formulas:


  • An annual contract of remote assistance (number of block hours): it includes a telephone helpline and an email support. This contract is subject to a follow-up file of topics covered, a summary of which can be transmitted upon request.


  • A remote monitoring contract for the equipment: it’s based on a strategy developed by Esys and automatically integrated into our software applications (ADGE). The principle is to generate significant data about the operation of the equipment, then, these data will be sent to Esys periodically (monthly, quarterly…). Upon receipt, the data are analysed by our services in order to draw up a status report of the machine. The strong point of this solution is to anticipate the risks of interruption concerning the equipment, due to degradations or progressive deteriorations. Because of the knowledge we have from real results, we are in a position to suggest decisive improvements to the concerned systems.